About us

About us

Advanced Protective Packaging began in Manchester in 1987 by Brian Garsden who is still Managing Director. The company initially specialised in making polystyrene products for all industries but soon realised that there was a need for a supplier with expertise in the design of protective packaging. Over time, design and production skills were developed enabling the company to specialise in protective packaging.

It became apparent that whilst polystyrene was an inexpensive and easily produced material customers often needed a higher level of protection and we began to use other foam such as polyethylene and polyurethane. We often found that customers used boxes and cartons that were not matched to our fitments resulting in either under specification – leading to damages – or over specification resulting in higher cost. To ensure customers got the best packaging for their needs we began to make cartons. This also had the advantage of improving development time and simplifying the buying process with only one supplier to deal with.

A national service was needed and in 1999 we acquired a PK Sanders, a polystyrene manufacturer in Southend, After introducing new equipment and extensive staff training we began to offer the same complete service for the South as we had in the North. Subsequently Arrowtip and Southern Insulations were acquired and integrated into the company.

The business has continued to develop and can now offer complementary products such as Nomafoam, Zotefoam and Extruded polystyrene. Advanced cover the whole range of protective packaging products available.

We believe that our continued success is due to a desire to provide the best solution to our customer’s protective packaging needs and our willingness to exceed our customer’s expectations of service.