Advanced believe that the “Reduce, reuse, recover, recycle” motto best sums up our attitude to our product’s effects on the environment.

By reducing or eliminating damaged goods from the production cycle we know that we can have a positive effect on the environmental impact of manufactured goods. We look at packaging design with this in mind and consider the trade off between damaged goods and the packaging needed to protect them from transit damage.

As far as our own production is concerned all manufacturing waste is recovered and either recycled or reused. As waste processing becomes more sophisticated it becomes possible to recover the energy used in the production of our materials. Our polystyrene and polyurethane foams can be used in waste heat plants and cartonboard can be recycled almost indefinitely.

Whilst our normal range of fitments are not degradable we can supply degradable and biodegradable polythene films and bubble products. We also supply various loose fill packaging which is either waste based or alternatively a starch based product.