Polyethylene foam packaging

Polyethylene foam packaging

We analyse your product requirement and produce bespoke design or standard packaging to optimise performance and cost. You can rely on polyethylene foam packaging to give assured and repeatable performance to result in your goods arriving safely.

It is particularly suitable for reuse for multi trip packaging and factory transit applications or by using colour combinations for tool packs.

Polyethylene foam packaging is more expensive than polystyrene packaging but gives multi drop dependable protection for more expensive products where you need to ensure your products arrive safely. It is available in black white or blue and also an anti static pink.  Polyethylene foams are often known by their trade names - Ethafoam, Stratocell, Jiffycell or Nopaplank – all of which we supply. Click on the side menu to see more about Nomafoam and zotefoam which are more specialised and which we are experts in the use of.

Advanced look at packaging “in the round” and take less obvious factors into account. If you are shipping via container we would look to creating a package size that maximised the quantity in the container, thus reducing transport costs. If you are using pallets we would consider pallet size. You may have restrictions on your warehouse space and if so we can design fitments that are supplied flat to be erected when needed.

The complete service

We supply boxes and cartons as well as the polyethylene fitments. So we can match carton strength to fitments to provide best value for money. Buying from one source means that your packaging design process is simplified and quick. When ordering you are only dealing with one supplier meaning one set of paperwork and avoiding unbalanced stock levels. We can also supply other packaging products such as tape and bubblewrap, offering a complete solution. If we cannot offer a product ourselves we freely offer our experience of packaging to help you find a supplier.